About AGCC

  • GG Walk of Remembrance
  • Mount Davidson
  • Main Event
  • City Hall
  • April 24
  • Denial
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AGCC Mission statement.

The Armenian Genocide Commemoration Committee (AGCC), is a committee made up of various Armenian Non-Profit groups across Northern California, which come together to further the cause of recognition of the Armenian Genocide. We are dedicated to facilitating events throughout the San Francisco Bay Area to commemorate the events of 1915-1923, the Armenian Genocide.

We firmly believe that it is our duty to increase awareness of the first genocide of the 20th century, because history has shown that when the world lets an atrocity such as the Armenian Genocide slip through the cracks of history, subsequent genocides occur and are ongoing to this day. By commemorating the Armenian Genocide through annual memorial events, we honor the memory of our fallen ancestors and engage the community through special programs, public figures, and guest speakers. Through our events and outreach, we hope to remember and recognize the Armenian Genocide each year, and educate future generations to come.

We openly invite you to join us in all our events on APRIL 24th and APRIL 27th.


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